Growing up working for his father’s Environmental company, EMS president Jason Patton knows a thing or two about stabilization. With his father wanting him to learn about his company from the ground up, Jason was sent in his early teens to be part of a crew running a pugmill stabilization operation to work as a laborer.

Jason was responsible for shoveling and poking sludge and flyash through the pugmill hoppers and run the fire hose at the end of the day for clean-up. Although the role of a laborer was hard and dirty work, he truly enjoyed being with his co-workers. They made the tough work seem fun and he enjoyed the feeling of being part of the team. Eager to learn more, his coworkers taught him how to operate various pieces of yellow iron and ultimately how to run the pugmill system. After several summers working in operations and technical services, Jason went on to college and obtained a degree in Environmental Science and biology. After graduating, he returned to work for his father where he would spend the next 10 years gaining experience in all the other departments that made up the company. The time spent working in the various departments with different people was invaluable. Once again, he noticed there was a sense of family and team in every department he worked with every person he worked. This feeling was not only noticed amongst the coworkers, but was a theme that also resonated with their customers. To this day, Jason carries over the values learned from working for his father’s company to his.

EMS is focused on providing its customers with excellent customer service and cost-effective solutions to meet their stabilization needs. EMS is proud of the relationships it has built over the years with its vendors, suppliers and customers. Working with quality people that have a common goal is a recipe for success. Customers don’t always remember the good services you provide, but will almost always remember the bad. EMS takes pride in working with its team members to make bad memories a thing of the past. Jason went on to college and obtained a degree in Environmental Science and biology. He returned to work for his father in all aspects of corporate operations, before specializing in the sale and marketing of various products for reuse in both construction as well as stabilization applications. The time spent working for his father was very special. The values learned during those years have proven to be invaluable in the formation, growth, and success of EMS.